About Accel Moteur

A Passionate about cars, I worked for more than 10 years at Weber, Siemens and then Cosworth. The experience I acquired at Cosworth, a specialist in the development and construction of motor racing engines, allowed me beyond working in the world, to create ACCEL MOTEUR.

Based on a former Ferrari dealership, ACCEL MOTEUR was created in 2005 with the desire to continue to develop and offer my automotive expertise.

Accel Motor has three areas of expertise in the automotive world.

- The realization, machining, manufacturing and testing of racing engines

-The maintenance of racing cars in historic competition, and mainly very high-end collection cars

-And finally, a maintenance and garage activity for Ferrari vehicles

Accel Motor is today a small local team passionate about motor racing. Its manager and founder, Bruno Rouillé, transmits his experience and acquired skills to his team on a daily basis.

Accel Moteur is also specialized equipment such as a test bench, a cylinder head blower, which allows you to excel in their field.