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  • BMW M10

    The BMW M10 engine is a legend of the famous Bavarian firm. This four-cylinder was produced from 1961 to 1987 in various displacement from 1499 to 1990 cc. It has, of course, equipped a whole series of production vehicles but also found its way in racing cars such as Chevrons B8, B16 or Elvas. Nowadays, the preparation of these engines allows us to reach powers exceeding 220 hp for the 2 L. For this, very special parts are necessary and this is what we propose you here.

  • F3 MAE

    The Ford engine called "Pre-crossflow" was born in 1959 to power the Ford Anglia. This small 4 cylinder 997 cc became famous when Keith Ducworth, founder of the mythical Cosworth Company, used it for the Formula Junior. In 1964, when the F3 replaces the Juniors, the 3 bearing ford is maintained but will be limited with a single carburetor choke and a 36mm restrictor. This will not stop these engines from evolving until 1970 with powers up to 130 hp.

    Here we propose a set of pieces allowing you to build one of this legend.

  • Formule Ford

    In 1967, Ford improves its so-called "Pre-crossflow" engine by replacing the cylinder head by a model with exhaust and intake on each sides of the engine. At the same time, a series of so-called "low cost" single seater cars is born and uses this engine in its 1600 cc variant.

    For cost reasons, the regulations are very strict and the engine maintains a general configuration as standard. The preparation is none the less quite fine in order to use the maximum of the rules allowed.

  • Other

    We sometimes have parts for engines or vehicles that do not fit into other categories but we think they can be useful to many of you, which is why we have put them together in this category.

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